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Who am i

I am Dianne Regisford, a visionary social sculpture practitioner, artist and academic focusing on issues of belonging: racial, cultural and social justice.

My leadership is anchored in connecting communities, thriving in diversity and care for all living beings.

I am driven by a vision for civic enlivenment and social transformation through voice, participation and representation of communities less seen, less heard and easily ignored.

Social Sculpture

Social Sculpture is an expanded concept of art invented by artist and co-founder of the German Green Party, Joseph Beuys. It speaks to art’s potential to transform society through people, in community.

My Vision

I am running for County Councillor to create a paradigm shift towards belonging through connected, caring communities. I am running to contribute to fuller expression of ecological citizenship. I envision all communities of Oxford, whether permanent or short term, actively and visibly participating in green politics, as the Green Party’s core values are culturally aligned with so many of our local community cultural value systems.

Belonging: Connecting. Caring. Community.

Belonging Caravan

Join the Conversation!

A safe, open-hearted space to explore, discuss and listen:

The Vote Dianne Regisford campaign is rolling out during the C19 pandemic. A time of great uncertainty and much fear for many in Oxford and indeed across the world. Many are asking

  • Where do I belong?
  • Where is my community?
  • What does care feel like?
  • What do I need as a student during my time at Oxford University?

I want to listen to each others views of important issues and needs at this time.
Let’s explore and give expression to what „Belonging: Connecting Caring.Communities“ means in this time!

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