Biography // Dianne Regisford

I am a social justice ARTivist, who works tirelessly at grass roots level to Connect Caring Communities across Oxford.


In these uncertain times, we need come together in communities to navigate and co-create a resilient society, which is just, humane and equitable. The impact of the pandemic has illuminated the gross inequalities of our society. We need to build back better!


As a committed community leader, I play a pivotal role in the Oxford Black Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) Infrastructure framework initiative. A county wide collaboration between various community leaders created to build capacity and resilience amongst BAME-led community organisations.


As a recent PhD Social Sculpture graduate from Oxford Brookes University, I have spent the past eight years researching Belonging. I have developing innovative, participatory approaches to community and civic engagement. 


Creativity, participation and imagination is key to building vibrant, inclusive communities in Oxford. I am passionate about ensuring voice, participation and representation of those less heard, less seen and easily ignored.


I believe Belonging is a social justice issue. I was born in Oxford and over the years, have lived in many countries across Africa. I know what it is like to experience the joy of many diverse cultures in one place. I also know what it is like to feel isolated, disconected and unheard. By nurturing a culture of belonging, we can together, enable a politics of belonging.


I stand for election to represent your voice!

I stand to do politics differently!